Randy Lerner is Cleveland’s Kim Jong-Il

It occurred to me this morning that Cleveland Browns owner Randy Lerner is Cleveland’s version of Kim Jong-Il.

Skeptical? Well here’s a list of similarities which should change your mind:

  • Inherited his empire from his father, who worked hard to establish it.
  • Known as more of a playboy than a competent leader.
  • Mysterious man not often seen within his empire.
  • Has taken his empire and, while deluding its denizens into believing that he is a faithful and competent leader doing everything in his power to enrich their lives, has created long-lasting misery and an empire that is decades behind its peers.
  • Has made bizarre appointments based on loyalty to him vs. actual demonstrated competence.
  • Whenever people escape from inside his empire, they all talk about the complete incompetence of everyone and everything within it.
  • Yet somehow each man has a loyal base of sycophants that believe things are getting better and are on the right track.

Hopefully Kim Jong-Il’s death will allow North Korea to modernize and to elevate their putrid and inexcusable standard of living across the board. Sadly, the Cleveland Browns have no such hope as long as Lerner continues to hold the reins to their franchise.


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