tebow. Tebow! TEBOW! TEEEEEE-BOOOOOOOOW!!1!1!!!!

Tim Tebow.

You have an opinion. Everybody does. Most likely your opinion is based on your religion, or lack thereof, because people like to define Tebow based on his religious fervor as somewhere amidst the triangle of a religious zealot, Christian jihadist, and a disciple of God, often sarcastically. Oh, and he plays football too, with seemingly no ability to do such in a proper and respectable manner. You either love the guy or hate the guy – there is no middle ground when it comes to Tim Tebow.

You can’t avoid him. Yesterday, I was trying to find a clinic open late on Sunday night for my five year old, who has strep (he’s okay thanks for asking). As we leave the house it is Bears 10, Tebows 0 with 6:00 left in the 4th. When I get to a clinic, it is 10-10, and twitter has exploded with hundreds of Tebow references, good, bad, and ugly. I laugh. Then when I get to the pharmacy, it is 13-10, Fightin’ Tebows. Twitter now a veritable digital mushroom cloud of Tebowness.

Only this morning do I realize that Tebow, excuse me, Denver, wins because Chicago’s Marion Barber plays like a complete bonehead in regulation and OT. Because to everyone else it was all about Tebow. He’s the story, like it or not, so that’s what people will talk about.

Anyway, I love the guy, mainly because he irritates so many people. I’m kind of a jerk like that.

So, all that said, here are some random thoughts on Tebow:

1) He’s 7-1 and led countless 4th quarter comebacks. Could he actually be a special QB? Pop quiz: name the athlete from who’s Wiki page I copied this: During the 2006 season, QUARTERBACK led the Tennessee Titans to eight wins including six straight wins… Of the wins, four of them were fourth quarter comebacks, including three straight fourth quarter comebacks. The answer is obvious: the now-proven-to-be-horrible Vince Young. Back in 2006, though, he was that year’s Tim Tebow. Everything he touched was gold, and everyone thought he was the real deal. Until 2007, when he fell completely apart. Now, he’s a journeyman backup that inflates defensive stats when he enters the game. Is Tebow VY? Well, both were flawed as quarterbacks, both did miraculous things, and the league caught up to at least one of them. Tebow fans will point out that VY has an IQ bordering on single digits and the heart of the Tin Woodman, where Tebow is clearly more composed, a solid leader, and slightly smarter (though not a genius by any stretch). My point is this: we’ve seen this movie before, sometimes guys just get lucky for a stretch (having a great defense helps), so let’s not get too excited.

2) Did Denver really draft him in the first round? Why yes, they did. As a Cleveland fan, I hate Denver. Have since I sat in a freezing Cleveland Municipal Stadium and watched a certain horse-faced pariah lead his team 98 yards on a drive to steal our Super Bowl, a pleasure which has been denied every season since. Every Cleveland fan remembers where they were when the arrogantly stupid Josh McDaniels guaranteed his career in Denver would be short and ignominious by reaching way down the draft board to make Tebow a 1st round pick. We remember this because we laughed so hard we fell off of whatever we were on, and some of us likely got seriously hurt. Here’s the thing: I fully expect Tebow to become VY2, per the above, and for this pick to be the bust that we all expected it to be. But as a Cleveland fan, it still pisses me off that this “bust” can deliver a magical and unexpected season, a likely division title, and be better than any QB Cleveland has had since Vincent Frank Testaverde (sadly true). When Cleveland drafts busts, we get the likes of Courtney Brown, Gerard Warren, Brady Quinn (Tebow’s backup, rich with irony there), and Timmy Couch, and many more seasons of putrid and painful losing. It’s just not fair.

3) What does Tebow think of all of this? For the most part, Tim Tebow is the anti-Charles Barkley. Barkley says many things, loudly, and most discussion on him is about the amazing things he says. By contrast, Tebow is pretty quiet, and discussions of him are more about what people perceive him to be. The American media, blogosphere, and twitterverse has made Tebow the flag-bearer for the cause of Christianity in the US, even though Tebow really doesn’t preach when he talks (all he does is mention his faith and leave it at that). Being that this iconic role has been thrust upon him, people literally make the tie between the success of the Denver Broncos and the will of God, often sarcastically but quite frequently in a very real manner. Wrap your head around this almost certain truth: because the Broncos have improbably won six straight games, there are many people that are investigating Christianity, some of which certainly have adopted it. To that end, I don’t think Tebow minds the attention and hype at all.

Anyway, those were things that were running through my head during the Tebow twitplosion last night. And why I completely look forward to another such event next Sunday.


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